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Worst Things About Eating On An Airplane

 Worst Things About Eating On An Airplane

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Because eating healthy just feels impossible

Eating on an airplane is just not fun.

Eating on an airplane is just not fun. Whether it’s the terrible airline meals or the death stares from nearby passengers who aren’t too pleased with your decision to bring McDonald’s on board, there are definitely some annoying things about eating on an airplane.

When you unpack a snack you were excited to have, and you have a hungry neighbor eyeing you politely so that you feel pressured to share.

When the other passengers around you frown upon whatever snack or meal you’ve decided to bring on to the plane.

Because eating healthy just feels impossible.

When you continue to eat your snacks only to realize you’ve eaten them all (and shared more than you would have liked to), and you still have way too many hours left on the plane.

When the food cart is making its way up the aisle, and you know that going to the toilet any time soon is out of the question.

When everyone gets their food, and their trays are down, and the person sitting in the window seat suddenly has to use the bathroom.

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