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12 Apple Desserts to Enjoy this Fall

12 Apple Desserts to Enjoy this Fall

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Apple picking is an annual ritual in my family. I take the boys picking every year and thankfully, since apples are a cold storage crop, they keep well in the fridge if I store them properly.

That means you’ve got apples for pie, cake, crisp, sauce, tarts, and so forth. For days and days.


Although I think there are some general guidelines that are useful, people often worry a bit more than I think is necessary about which apples are good for which particular dessert. You’ll notice that many of the recipes in this round-up specifically call for using a variety that will provide a more complex flavor. I can get behind that!

Of course, certain apples are harder (such as Granny Smith) or softer than others (McIntosh), and that is worth considering when making an apple dessert. For example, you’d want a more tender apple for something like applesauce, while something firmer and more tart holds up better in apple pie.

Photo by Sabrina Modelle

But there’s a wide gamut of flavors and textures you can choose from. I like to use my favorites from a local orchard (Honeycrisp, Evercrisp, Pink Lady, and Fuji) all of which are crispy and have a good balance of sweet and tart.

But in general, I like to tell people in recipes or in cooking classes (when I teach them) that whatever apple you like to eat out of hand is worth considering for a baking project.


You want to keep apples in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Some people like to keep apples on the countertop—and that’s certainly fine if you want a visual reminder to eat them—but if you’re looking to keep them for anything longer than a few days, refrigeration is your friend.

What are your favorite apple desserts to make this time of year?

Watch the video: Skillet Apple Crisp (June 2022).


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