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Make the Most of Cherry Season with These 11 Recipes

Make the Most of Cherry Season with These 11 Recipes

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Summer’s here, and that can only mean — Cherries! Unlike strawberries or blueberries, which you can find all year long, cherries are truly a seasonal delight. They’re packed with nutrients, and taste amazing raw or cooked.

We have recipes that are both ultra-traditional and excitingly different. Not a baker? Try a savory cherry salsa with a kiss of balsamic. Churn up a batch of cherry frozen yogurt or make your first-ever jam — in the microwave! Discover a whole new side of cherries this season and you’ll be itching to scoop up more before you know it.

The queen of pies! Alas, not all of us can easily access the sour cherries pie bakers adore, but don’t let that deter you from baking a pie when sweet cherries abound. If you do have sour cherries, you can still make this! Simply increase the sugar to one cup.

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Don’t like making pastry? Use frozen puff pastry for these appealing handheld tarts. They’re not too-too sweet, they bake faster than a full-size pie, and they’re a breeze to shape. Win-win!

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Pork loves fruit, fruit loves pork. Unlike the compote above, this cherry condiment is raw. Toss it together to serve alongside summer grilling specialties. If not pork chops, then pork tenderloin, or leg of lamb.

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Clafoutis is ideal for non-bakers — no creaming, shaping dough, or delicate folding of ingredients together. In this classic French dessert, you mix a crepe-like batter and bake it in a skillet. It emerges like a custard. In a traditional clafoutis, you leave the pits in the cherries, but here, we pit the cherries and add a little almond extract to recreate the cherry pit flavor. One more perk: It's great for making ahead!

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Do you remember when frozen yogurt was all the rage? Grab your scrunchies and get set for a refreshing dessert that easily beats any frozen yogurt from back in the day. The naturally tart yogurt tempers the sweetness of the cherries.

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A savory compote? Rosemary, shallots, and wine (or port, or just water) bring cherries to the savory side. Serve this with duck, pork, or strong cheese. You can even smear it on a turkey and brie sandwich! Leftovers freeze well.

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This savory combination of cherries, port wine, and fresh thyme is rich, decadent and easy to make. If you’re looking for a restaurant quality dinner to make the most of cherry season, this is it!

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This alluring make-ahead casserole transforms a typical Saturday or Sunday into a special occasion. It’s got a crunchy topping with cinnamon and almonds, and a gorgeous cherry sauce to serve on the side. You can also make the sauce and use it for topping cheesecake or ice cream.

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Have you ever had cherries in sangria? Then you have not lived, my friend! Use pitted, halved cherries for all or part of the berries in this refreshing Spanish wine punch. The longer the fruit steeps in the wine, the better everything is. Don’t be shy about reaching into your drained glass and fishing out that booze-infused fruit. It’s the best part!

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You don’t need pecks and pecks of cherries to make jam. A pint will get you there! This is a quick and low-stress jam recipe for seasoned pros, or those of you who never imagined you’d make jam at home. And yes, you can make this with cherries.

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When it’s hot, a cobbler is easy to throw together, and its rustic appeal calls to mind lazy weekends enjoying time with family. You can use tart cherries in this if you like; increase the sugar by 1/4 cup.

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