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Dessert cake with walnuts and jam (autoexil cake)

Dessert cake with walnuts and jam (autoexil cake)

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Top with egg whites and walnuts: Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt well, then add the sugar and continue to mix until you get a firm meringue. Sift flour, cocoa and add walnuts, then slowly move from bottom to top incorporating dry ingredients. We line the tray with baking paper (tray size 34/22 cm) we spread the composition in the tray and we put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C, it is ready when it passes the toothpick test (I spoke it a bit, but it straightens from the knife) . Remove from the pan and let cool.

Top with margarine (butter). I mixed the 4 eggs with the sugar well until they doubled in volume, then I cut the margarine into thin slices and I continued to mix the eggs with the margarine. I put the baking powder in the orange juice then I added it over the mixture of eggs and margarine, at the end I incorporated the flour mixing until I obtained a homogeneous mixture, I lined the tray with baking paper, I had the composition in the tray and I leveled , then I put the tray in the oven for about 20-25 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test. I removed the countertop from the tray and let it cool

Assembly: After the countertops cool down, we can assemble the cake. Because I whitewashed the egg white slightly, placed it in the tray with the whitewashed side up, cleaned it and then spread the jam; over the jam I put the margarine top so that the top is over the jam, and then I turn the whole cake upside down so that the margarine top is underneath and the walnut top on top.

I melted the chocolate and mixed it with a tablespoon of oil and then spread it over the cake, then sprinkled with ground walnuts. I let the chocolate cool and then I portioned the cake. It is good to let it rest for a few hours so that the jam can enter the countertop.


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