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Desert cremsnit

Desert cremsnit

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I mixed the flour with the sugar and 250 ml of cold milk, I boiled the rest of the milk. When it is close to boiling, add the milk flour and mix gently so that no lumps form. We keep it on the fire for a few minutes until it becomes a good pudding. Let cool, covering the pan with foil, so as not to crust. When it has cooled, mix the soft butter with the pudding, vanilla, peel and lemon juice and finally add the whipped cream. A fine, aerated cream comes out.

Remove the sheets and put on the first half of the amount of cream, put the second sheet, cover with cream and place the third sheet at the end. Place a thick plate on top and let it cool until the next day, for tenderizing.

The next day we portion the cream and powder it well with vanilla powdered sugar.

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