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Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin, put them in a bowl, add cocoa, melted and cooled butter over them and mix well.

Wallpaper a muffin tray with plastic wrap, then place the biscuit composition by pressing with a spoon.

Let cool until the cream is ready.

Put gelatin in a bowl and pour 3 tablespoons of cold water over it.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave together with the butter and milk, then add the liquid cream and mix gently.

Let cool slightly.

Meanwhile, put the gelatin on the steam bath and mix gently until it becomes liquid.

Then add it over the chocolate composition and mix gently until completely incorporated.

Pour the composition into the muffin tray over the cookie sheet and refrigerate overnight.

You can glaze each cake separately.

Good appetite!

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Happy birthday Natalia !! wonderful cake Mihaela. I also took my tray .. if the cake is still fashionable :)) Kisses

Alas, why don't you tell me you have dedication? Absolutely by chance I entered here now, for how many things I still have to check. Thank you so much!
Siii, be careful with these dedications, because maybe I'll claim them when we see each other! :)))

Anto, it's really crazy with this cake! :)))

Natalia, it really wouldn't hurt my pretensions. You would get me out of the mess, I wouldn't bother with the menu. :)))

Happy birthday, Natalia!
Get her to do it for you! Put it on, like that! :))))

I love these preparations, I take the recipe.

it's hard for me to choose the pretensions, when I enter your blog, I want everything, and in as large quantities as possible! :)))

It looks great. I'm glad you tried the black version. Kiss!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Natalie! Nice gesture, Miha.
Obsessing this black.

I really like what it looks like, now I want the shape too :) where is it? :)

So Gabi? They leave & # 39. that only sin sometimes pushes you to invite me to you. :)))) Then see the pretensions on me. :))))

Greetings Jose Manuel! Thank you! :)

Licuta, I couldn't help but try this one too. :))
You created a real hysteria with this cake. :)))

Thank you my dear Mona! Kiss you! : *

Thanks Diana! : *
Daaaa. and obsessive. it doesn't give you peace at all, until you finish it :)))

Mihaela, I took the form here: But you can use any other tray or shape.

Miha, hello, congratulations for your wonderful recipes! are the photos yours? they are very original and quality :)

Vica, all the photos in this blog belong to me.
Thanks for the appreciation! :)

Delicious Miha, chocolate and cherries, what more can you ask for from a cake :) XoXo

you are great with your youth and culinary aplomb !!

I'm obsessed with this cake too and I can't wait to try it. It looks great!

I also saw her in Licuta. I'm not very chocolatey, but I really like the way she looks!

Miha, what kind of cookies did you use? Thanks a lot

I used that kind of floury biscuit, I don't know exactly what it says. But I think you can use any kind of biscuit.

how did you give it the semi-round shape? it looks great I haven't made the black version yet but in the fridge I have the white version

The tray in which I made the cake has a semi-round shape. You can see the tray in the recipe from Blanc Cake :)

Ingredients cornflakes cakes

  • 150 grams of cornflakes
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of honey (those who have fears that heated honey would be toxic & # 8211 fact on which I have enough reserves & # 8211 can use the same amount of corn syrup or the energizer found in the jar in supermarkets)
  • 120 grams of butter
  • 100 grams of milk chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

How to prepare cornflakes cakes

1. The weighed cornflakes are placed in a large bowl, the sugar, honey, butter and vanilla extract are placed in a saucepan (picture 1).

2. Put the pan on the fire and boil the composition until the sugar dissolves completely and a thick syrup is obtained (picture 2).

3. Add the broken chocolate and mix until completely dissolved (picture 3).

4. Pour the hot composition over the cornflakes and mix well, so that all the flakes are soaked with the caramel (picture 4).

Expect to cool the mass of flakes soaked in caramel just enough to be bearable to the touch with your hands and immediately, with your hands lightly greased with oil or butter, shape the cakes, either in a cone shape or in an approximately spherical shape. .

Modeling and serving

There will be no fear of pressing the flakes together, nothing happens if the flakes will crumble, on the contrary, the cakes will be more compact. Shaped at about 3-4 cm., Results in 30-35 pieces. If you have paper baskets, it looks nice to place them in them, if not, place them immediately after you have molded them on a sheet of baking paper, until they cool completely and will not be sticky at all.

As soon as they cool, these cornflake cakes are good to eat, but if you somehow manage to save a few pieces for the next day, they will be even better. The taste subtly combines that of the main ingredients. Butter, honey, chocolate and vanilla feel perfectly balanced, and the cornflakes bring a nutty aroma and a slightly crunchy texture.

Did you like this recipe?

  • 350 g macaroons
  • 350 g mascarpone
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon powder / vanilla extract or essence
  • 150 ml of hard coffee
  • 120 g dehydrated coconut (lightning)

  • You can replace the mascarpone with nutella or a mascarpone cream and melted chocolate.
  • If you don't like chocolate, you can fill it with a jam or a substantial jam.
  • Instead of the rooster, cocoa or walnuts go very finely ground.

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I chose to prepare the Black Forest cake for my mother's birthday a few days ago, being sure of the exceptional taste between the fluffy cocoa top and natural whipped cream combined with the sour cherries that I marinated in the sour cherry and a drop of brandy.

I think it is the simplest cake you can prepare from very few ingredients and you can boast an extremely successful cake that will pamper even the most demanding tastes.


  • 7 eggs
  • 100 gr. melted butter
  • 140 gr. sugar
  • 140 gr. flour
  • 40 gr. black cocoa
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 1 l. Whipped cream
  • 60 gr. vanilla flavored powdered sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 10 gr. gelatine
  • 400 gr. frozen cherries
  • 40 gr. sugar
  • 150 ml. cherry brandy
  • 50 ml. cognac

For the top, mix well the whole eggs with the sugar and place the maricel bowl in a bain-marie on top of a pan with hot water placed on the small eye of the stove.

Continue stirring constantly until the composition warms up a little, then set the bowl aside and beat the eggs with an electric mixer until they turn white and triple in volume.

I add the seeds from a vanilla pod then sift the flour with the salt and cocoa powder and incorporate them very easily with a spatula in the egg foam.

At the end, mix 2 tablespoons of the composition with the melted butter and carefully add it to the dough.

Divide the composition into two trays greased with butter and lined with baking paper and bake the two tops for 25-30 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 ° C.

I leave them in the tray to cool very well and prepare a quick compote from a few cherries, which I boil in 200 ml. water and 40 gr. granulated sugar.

Pour the sour cherries and brandy over the rest of the cherries, mix them a little and leave them to marinate for half an hour.

Meanwhile, cool the large stainless steel bowl very well, add the cream, also very cold, mix it with the powdered sugar and the seeds from the vanilla pod and beat it with a mixer until it hardens a little, being very careful not to cut it. .

I don't usually add gelatin to this whipped cream, but this time I'll have to transport the cake for a few hundred miles and I need extra resistance, so I hydrate the gelatin sheets in a little cold water for five minutes and dissolve them in 2-3 tablespoons of warm cream.

I incorporate the gelatin in the whipped cream then cut the two tops in half and prepare the assembly.

Over the first top syrup with a little compote mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of sour cherry I put a layer of whipped cream and a generous handful of cherries, then I place the second top and so on until the fourth over which I put whipped cream and I spread it evenly both on top and on the side.

Grate a chocolate with a knife, coat the cake with chocolate "chips", then put a pile on top and prepare some cherries that I give through melted gelatin and place them from place to place on the whipped cream rosettes on the edge.

The end result is actually the incredibly sweet-sour taste combined with the cocoa top syrupy enough with a rather subtle hint of alcohol (contrary to my expectations) and the fine cream of vanilla-flavored whipped cream that successfully complements the divine taste of this famous cake. international Black Forest or Foret Noire that I do not miss the opportunity to offer with great pleasure to my mother on the occasion of the birthday along with warm wishes of health and many joys.

Simple Romanian cakes

Homemade cakes for festive meals, recipes tested and explained in pictures. I chose 40 homemade cake recipes, delicious, good-looking and that can be prepared without difficulty. Delight your loved ones with homemade cakes! Give joy! Amandine. Snow White Cake. Cake with leaves and sugar cream would Banat is one of the richest areas of the country in terms of cake recipes that have been preserved from our ancestors.. At this time of year, your thoughts fly more than ever to your grandparents and the rich meals they prepare. Homemade game pie or poppy seed or walnut pie were never missing from the house, at Christmas, in addition to the wonderful cakes. For. Step-by-step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, whipped cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, cookie recipes croissants, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail By Ana Munteanu, Monday, April 10, 2017, 16:51. In addition to Easter, the traditional dessert-symbol of the Easter holiday, almost every housewife makes at least one cake for the festive meal. We have gathered here a collection of 5 simple cake recipes for Easter, hoping to be useful ! Choose from these perfect desserts for the Easter meal, dedicated to everyone.

There are quick recipes, easy recipes, simple recipes, cheap recipes with simple ingredients at everyone's fingertips or fine recipes with special ingredients. I hope you find it useful, increase cooking! To get to the recipe page, click on its name Cherry Cakes 74 recipes. Cherry cake (1478 votes), (208), (449) Light dessert 30 min 30 min. Ingredients: -400 g cherries, -5 eggs, -50 ml oil, -100 g sugar, -150 g flour, -2 sachets of vanilla sugar, -grated lemon peel, -a salt powder, 2 teaspoons juice. Traditional Romanian recipes Cake recipes, simple and good! en 29 Oct, 2015 00:00 Recipes of the day 29 Oct, 2015 00:00 29 Oct, 2015 00:00 DAY of Constant

Whether it's Christmas, Easter or a simple Sunday, the homemade cake is indispensable on our table. Here are a variety of homemade cake recipes, from our childhood cakes - Albinita cake recipe, Snow White cake recipe, Cremsnit recipe, Isler recipe, eclairs and up to a collection of tasty Brownies Appetizer appetizer recipes , quick appetizer, appetizers simple, stuffed tomatoes, appetizers in pictures, appetizer recipes Soups, soups, borscht Soup recipes Romanian, belly soup in pictures, beef soup, Radauti soup, chicken soup recipe, how to make chicken soup, chicken soup with noodles, chicken soup with dumplings, soup recipes, soup recipes, soup recipes and soups in pictures. Simple cake recipes: Walnut cream cake, Pineapple and walnut cake, Tiramisu chocolate recipe

Good appetite! Cheap chocolate cakes. For chocolate lovers, we have two cheap and extremely simple cake recipes. The first of them has dark chocolate as the main ingredient and can be prepared even in the microwave. Each contains eight servings New recipes for delicious cakes with pictures. Simple cakes with delicious fasting cream

Top 15 festive cake recipes for the holidays. There are no holidays, or rather holiday menu without including some festive cakes. As the number of cake recipes on the blog continues to grow and browsing lasts I thought I would come to your aid with a small collection of recipes festive cakes .. So I gathered together 15 festive cake recipes from the blog. cake recipes The internet is full of blogs that promote culinary recipes. But how much trust to have in them as long as you do not know the author and you do not know how much experience he has. To get rid of this dilemma, the online platform was created, where you will find both Romanian and international recipes tested by specialists in the field. Cake recipes, simple and tasty like at home mom. Ice cream, your favorite dessert in summer, you can find it in the easiest recipe that can be applied to all flavors 2168 cake recipes: Tiramisu, Apple Cake, Biscuit Cake with Banana Cream and Caramel, Marbled Brownies, Fine Chocolate Cake

Cakes. was created to support housewives without experience in the kitchen and even culinary specialists, especially young people by offering them an excellent cookbook with cake recipes. We also have a list of useful tips for you when you decide to make cakes Cakes and pies. Homemade cakes and pies, homemade cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, mascarpone cake, whipped cream cake, whipped cream cakes, fruit cakes, tender croissants, savarine, cake , cheesecake recipes, cupcakes, muffins, eclairs Recipes Cakes. Ingredients for Biscuit figurines with cherries - 1 kg plain biscuits, 500 gr powdered sugar, 50 gr cocoa, 250 gr ground walnuts, 100 gr seeds [5 Romanian cake recipes. Where to eat well. 03.03.2015. Maybe not many foreign tourists knew Romania very well before visiting it, but, certainly, after visiting it, they discovered at least two remarkable things: hospitality and Romanian cuisine You might also be interested in: New Year's cakes, mint cream for cakes, cakes, simple and quick cakes recipes without baking, simple and quick cake recipes, simple cakes without eggs and without milk, laura sava cakes molded cake with apples, laura sava cakes, cakes without baking

Cake and cake recipes Homemade cakes and pies that do not require much time to prepare. It is easy and quick to prepare! Recipes for homemade cakes, fruit cakes, yogurt cakes, cheesecakes, whipped cream cakes, traditional cakes, assorted cakes, chocolate cakes, cream cakes, light cakes, walnut cakes, apple cake, apple pie. Delicious cake and dessert recipes, leaf, fruit, chocolate or jam cakes. Cake and dessert recipes for all tastes: fine or quick, light or pretentious Cakes + Add a recipe. Other sections Apple and semolina cake (fasting) It is an easy to prepare, quick and delicious recipe. We can also call the cake the Taste of childhood, because we enjoy it from childhood, especially in fasting or autumn, in the apple season. AND now let's get to work. Enter

Homemade cakes, 9 best homemade cakes

Recipes with everything, for everyone, including fasting. An entire section designed to prepare homemade sweets, which helps you easily choose a birthday cake or cake with which you will pamper your guests - cake recipes. The chefs suggest you to enjoy various cake recipes suitable for any occasion: savarina cake, ricotta and raspberry cake, harley davidson cake. Choose a cake recipe and respond to the challenge of preparing it in your own kitchen. Here are simple creams and quick for cake or homemade cake creams, delicious and with ingredients at hand. You will find in this small collection wonderful Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Cake Cream, Butter Cake Cream, Sheet Cake Cream - some classic, some faster and more interesting Simple cakes. Consult these simple and quick cake recipes whenever you want to prepare a dessert in the shortest time. With these simple and cheap cakes you will always have at hand solutions to prepare something good Picture cake recipes, cake recipes homemade, cherry cake, diplomat cake, dobos cake, tender croissants, gingerbread, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, cream cake, festive cakes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, croissant recipes, recipes of homemade biscuits, cake recipes

Recipes cake recipes with pictures: Cake with leaves with walnut and lime cream, Cake with broth, Diet cake with cream cheese and berries Cooking recipes and Culinary preparations for any moment of your life. With this blog I want to share with you my experience as a mother in preparing the delicious dishes I make, knowing that I am pretentious and I was often appreciated and then urged to write my memoirs so that my descendants can remain these recipes and not only to them but to the entire Romanian nation

Homemade cakes - Simple, delicious recipes Laura Adamach

We have reached over 100 cake recipes and you will find here the best homemade cakes, simple Romanian cake recipes, with pictures on. The word that would perfectly characterize this cake would be delight. Recipe for cake molded with apples and fine cream Categories: Vegetable recipes, Fasting recipes, Cheap recipes, Simple recipes, Romanian recipes. Fasting nettles, cooked like in Pitesti. 5 6. February 19, 2016. Cabbage and potatoes with smoked sausages Categories: Potato recipes, Vegetable recipes, Cheap recipes, Simple recipes, Romanian recipes. In Salaj, the combination of potatoes and cabbage is common

Authentic Confectionery Recipes - Romanian and international cake collection. How many times have you looked for the original, authentic recipe of Amandine, Dobos, Joffre, Ecler, Savarina, Cremes, Carpathians or Buturuga? Simple and tasty meatballs. Pasta a la carbonara Cream with Cakes 127 recipes: Cake with two creams., Cake with leaves and milk cream, Cake with leaves and semolina cream, Cake with leaves and cream, Cake with burnt sugar sheets and cream with ness, Cake with caramel cream, Cake with cream ... Filling 6 egg whites, 250 gr sugar, 150 gr coconut. Cream 6 egg yolks, a vanilla pudding, 500 ml of milk boil until thickened. After it has cooled, mix it with 250 gr butter and 250 gr sugar Cakes. Cakes. Basic recipes. Privacy and cookies: this site uses cookies. If you continue to use this website, you agree to their use. To learn more, including how to control cookies, look here: Cookie Policy

Homemade cookies . 30 cake recipes as in ..

Craiasa Zapezii cake is the perfect homemade cake for holidays, events or special occasions. It is a delicious cake with a white top. We have prepared over 2000 culinary recipes, traditional or modern, Romanian or international cuisine recipes. Here you will find everything you want: fast food recipes, for diet, fasting recipes, cakes and preserves You may also be interested in: New Year's cakes, mint cream for cakes, cakes, thyme homemade sausages, simple cake recipes and quick without baking, simple and quick cake recipes, simple cakes without eggs and without milk, homemade rabbit steak in the oven, homemade chocolate

In order to avoid this moment on Holy Christmas Day, I thought of gathering in this post 10 recipes for Christmas cakes, simple to make, very well explained, for beginner housewives but also more advanced housewives to the same extent I hope that at least one will catch your eye and try it this Christmas! 1 Recipe easier than this cake recipe does not exist, i. Recipes for simple homemade cakes with a childhood smell or recipes for delicious new cakes with cream or fluffy top. We have reached over 100 cake recipes and you will find here the best homemade cakes, Romanian cake recipes, simple, with pictures on the steps and VIDEO A collection of homemade cake recipes, simple, fasting cakes, fast, with fruit or chocolate, good, cheap or sugar-free cakes. A party without cakes seems to have no charm, so we have prepared for you a collection of homemade cake recipes, festive cakes that Romanian and international culinary recipes, explained step by step. We have prepared fasting recipes, preserves, cakes and pastries, simple and fast food. I have 30 years of experience in the food field and a great passion for Romanian gastronomic traditions

10 quick and simple cake recipes, ready in 10 minutes

May 2, 2020 - Explore Alexandra Racheriu's board Romanian Cakes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Desserts, Romanian desserts, Romanian food Jul 11, 2020 - Explore Adriane Scortia's board Prajituri Romanesti on Pinterest. See more ideas about Romanian food, Food, Desserts Cream-free cakes. You can prepare cream-free cakes that are as good and delicious as the classic ones. Convince yourself and follow these cream-free cake recipes, simple and unique Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queu

A lot of homemade cake recipes explained step by step, in pictures, are waiting for you on Homemade cakes tested, you can choose from I don't know if the English try Romanian cakes, but it's worth trying this English recipe. It is refined, pleasant to the taste, aromatic and very easy to make. In addition, the ingredients are simple and can be found in any home. To make a classic cake tray you need 175 grams of soft butter, plus a little more for greasing the tray Mini cakes with simple chocolate and delicious petit fours with excellent chocolate cake. Mini chocolate cakes. Today's recipe is a simple, tasty and effective one, which can be made quickly and requires only 3 elements: sheets, chocolate and cream. These Mini Chocolate Cakes can sit with honor on any table, as a dessert, as a treat for guests or. The simplest cake recipes: how to cook the simplest cakes and the tastiest recipes of the best soups, the best Romanian soups, simple cakes, the best cake, simple cookies, simple soups, what soup to make, the most spicy food in Bucharest, simple muffins to make, simple muffins with yogurt

Simple cake recipes

Appetizers tasty appetizer, quick appetizer, simple appetizers, stuffed tomatoes, appetizers in pictures, appetizers recipes Soups, soups, borscht Romanian soup recipes, belly soup in pictures, beef soup, Radauti soup, chicken soup recipe, how to make chicken soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken soup with dumplings, soup recipes, soup recipes, soup recipes and soups in pictures. CAKE simple with sheets. Recipes from CAKE [] 0 comments. Cake poured with cheese and apricots. pasta Easter after cake CAKE chicken asian recipes korean recipes fasting recipes baby recipes quick recipes recipes Romanian cinnamon salad salad cake soup. Cooking recipes in pictures and diets. Find out the secrets of the kitchen and how to easily prepare tasty food from the largest online cookbook Nut Cake Ingredients • Top: 300 g powdered sugar, 10 tablespoons water, 4 egg yolks, 4 egg whites, 160 g flour, 120 g ground nuts, a prawn

Over 100 cake recipes with Pictures and VIDEO - Recipes

  1. Cookbook with recipes Cakes The latest recipes - Cake Dumplings with plums 15-20 small plums, 4 potatoes of the right size, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon semolina, breadcrumbs, sugar, cinnamon, flour, salt, oil for frying
  2. Simple fasting recipes Find here a collection of over 150 simple recipes [] 2 comments Cocoa butter cream for cakes and pies confectionery recipe
  3. Simple cakes (187) Special cakes (96) Chocolate cakes (101) Cream cakes (391) Mini cakes (117) Eclairs (27) Mini cakes (15) Papanasi (14) Pancakes (38) In case of orders for Romanian cakes , in case you do not find in stock available the desired product ,.
  4. 18.07.2020 - Explore Caietul cu retete's board Retete traditionale romanesti, followed by 22161 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Recipes, Recipes, Quick Recipes
  5. I saw how useful the recipe collections are and I prepared a selection of festive cake recipes to make your search easier. Whether you want a weekend cake, an anniversary or a festive meal, I hope you find an idea you like here. gathered cake recipes for all tastes, delicious and appetizing, to inspire you and be useful

Homemade cake archives - Sweets kind of fe

  1. . June 28, 2010. 5062 Views 1. English cake with chocolate and biscuits The best recipe for Romanian cakes. December 23, 2015. Sarmale in foi de vita. May 17, 2012. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume.
  2. I hold on to the hard-working hands of my grandmother or mother around the holidays. Syrupy or dense, crunchy or soft but always with rich aromas, these deeply traditional and Romanian cakes have their unparalleled charm.
  3. 05.08.2020 - Explore Marina Costache's board homemade cake recipes, followed by 108 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cake Recipes, Cakes, Food
  4. Cake recipes organized by categories: cakes, pies, cookies, cakes and other sweets

Recipes Homemade sweets and cakes with lard. Top recipes Homemade sweets and cakes with lard

harlequin cake, croissants with jam, Baigli with walnuts and poppy seeds, Saviecuta with poppy seeds (Baigli) or cozonacei as in Banat, apple cake with leaf cakes. islere with chocolate cream. giraffe roll with chocolate ganache and nuts. rolled with chocolate cream. rolled black drill. chocolate roll. roll with jam. apple cakes and pies. banana and chocolate cake. chocolate cake and meringue. black cake. meringue sandwiches. baklav Jun 21, 2020 - Explore Mia-Rodica Maghear's board Romanian cakes, followed by 580 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Desserts, Romanian desserts, Romanian food Festive cake - a must on the list of cake recipes for Christmas and New Year Prepare an unforgettable Rafaello cake this year and you will ensure the success of the festive New Year's table. Ingredients: 5 eggs, 150 g of sugar, 12 g of baking powder, 100 g of flour, 50 ml of warm water, a pinch of salt, 600 ml of liquid cream, 200 g of. Cooking recipes Sweets. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button

Festive Cakes - Recipe Book

  1. JamilaCuisine is the most beloved video recipe site made step by step for a guaranteed success
  2. Festive cakes for the holidays: we chose here classic recipes for cake with leaves (Jerbo cake, Albinita, with leaves with tomato juice, Kati cake, Carpathian cake) to cream cake recipes (tiramisu, chocolate cream cakes, vanilla , mascarpone, coffee), croissants, gingerbread, biscuit salami and more
  3. Romanian recipes. Automatic image web experiment. Negative SEO is a joke. Yes, we are doing Negative SEO (100% free and effective
  4. 10 cream recipes for cake, cakes and dessert by the glass. I was looking the other day at the online cookbook of the blog and I noticed that over time (it will soon be three years since Readings and Flavors was born) I gathered some recipes for simple creams for cake, cakes or desserts. by the glass .. And as the winter holidays knock on the door, with their whole procession of.
  5. Online portal with culinary recipes, cake recipes, traditional Romanian and international food recipes. Culinary articles and information, culinary questions and contests

Cake Recipes Food Recipes, Cake Recipes

Read about fasting cakes. We have prepared the largest collection of fasting cake recipes for you. We teach you how to make simple and fast cakes perfect for religious fasting. See how fasting blackberry, fasting croissants or fasting cake are prepared. Find out which fasting sweets you can consume in the Easter fast or the Christmas fast Get thousands picture of Romanian Cake Recipes, hot girls and photos of Romanian Cake Recipes. celebeer. Find reference for the best bikini to wear. Romanian Cake Recipes. Negres Cu Crem Romanian Culinary Recipes And International Cuisine

Tasty Cakes. 6,870 likes · 12 talking about this. Kitchen / Cookin Articles from Quick Cakes written by Florentina. Here is the list of cakes to order growing slowly. From today I also added the muffins with bananas and cinnamon. They were so good that when I did it for the first time they disappeared so fast that I only managed to photograph the blank paper, and the thief was not caught until the day today's donuts chocolate nut fast and cheap Romanian cakes. Raspberry jelly cakes. Ingredients: 60 g butter, 100 g brown sugar, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 225 g plain flour, sifted, 110 g powdered sugar, 1/2 cup water, 3/4 tablespoon gelatin powder, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 8 teaspoons raspberry jam, 150 g dark chocolate, chopped and melted Confectionery Patiseria Restaurant Dracula in London (Wembley), offers especially to order, traditional Romanian dishes in a pot and casserole, depending on customer preferences and needs, tasty food made by chefs with 20 years of experience in Romanian and international cuisine. We can also offer everything from A to Z for any type of event (weddings. Order Online Products from the Category: Spices cakes. 114 Products in Stock. Rich Diversity and Quality Products. Excellent Support ⭐ and Professional

Simple cakes: chocolate strawberries. The strawberries are washed carefully, without removing the tail. Drain on a paper kitchen towel. *** Strawberries must be perfectly dry when placed in chocolate. Meanwhile, prepare an oven tray over which a waxed baking paper is placed so as not to catch Fittonia verschaffeltii nerve plant Kode remot serbaguna tv akari Saludo mason youtube Wasserwerfer ddr Schincariol telefone rio de janeiro Torticolis treatment allaitemen Delicious cakes and pastries. 4,187 likes · 60 talking about this. Delicious and flavorful cakes and cakes with syrupy top and natural ingredients (as much as possible), according to authentic recipes - Your portal for cool recipes - delicious simple cakes, culinary recipes, culinary tips, diets, healthy eating, restaurant guide, spice News about 'cake recipes' Cooking. The cheapest cake in the world, with all the ingredients in the same tray Cake recipes organized by categories: cakes, pies, cookies, cakes and other sweets. www. cakes .info / homemade cakes · Cached page Recipes for simple homemade cakes - Romanian Culinary Recipes. Posts labeled simple cakes are displayed. Show all posts. Monday, September 5, 2016. Quick sweets. Check with yogurt and bananas. Learn more »Posted by Monica Basarab at 11:52 AM No comments: Link back to this post. Tags: quick cakes, cakes. Quick And Simple Cakes Quick And Simple Cake Recipes Pin House Cakes Simple Quick Quick Recipes Pictures On Pinterest A Blog With Recipes Simple And Handy Recipes Anyone Quick Recipes Easy Recipes Pine Recipes Simple Home Cakes Quick Easy Genuardis Portal On Pinteres

40 Recipes - Homemade Cakes for the Holidays -

This recipe site was designed to help novices in cooking, but at the same time, this site is also for people with experience in cooking and who want to try new things. On this site you will find simple and tasty recipes, recipes that will help you prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and many favorite desserts for children. Welcome to the Good Recipes Com site. Whether you are looking for a special recipe, or you just want to change the menu, on our website you will find the best Romanian recipes. From appetizers to the finest desserts and drinks, we offer a wide variety of traditional Romanian recipes, a real cookbook Homemade cakes and other goodies. Homemade cookies & cakes, yamiii. Thursday, January 5, 2017. Nutella brick. Ingredients: 250g of Mascarpone, 3 tablespoons of cream like Nutella, 1 pack of biscuits Some Coffee for dunking, Coffee liqueur (optional), Chopped hazelnuts. Published d Vegetarian Recipes Your cookbook online. Browse through the many ovo-lacto-vegetarian recipes. Among the recipes you will be guaranteed to find new ideas to prepare an appetizing appetizer, tasty soups and broths, delicious vegetarian dishes and much more.

All posts tagged in: Romanian traditional cake recipes. SWEETS. Chinese cake with yolk icing. Livit Admi Cakes for children. 40 extremely simple recipes for a great effect No, it is not necessary to work for four hours to prepare a cake for the little one's birthday. No, you are not parents Yes, you are people (and sometimes you don't even have the necessary disposition) Cakes, Sites registered in the Web Directory, which contain the cake tag Apr 28, 2015 - I like cream cakes. I like walnut cakes. And if it's the cake with ness and walnut, it's even better. Today I show you a cake that I had last Christmas and that got lost and did not get to see the light of the blog. But we liked it so much that I can't help but show you the Tag Archive for: simple cakes. The home. simple cakes + Recipe cakes Eclairs Recipes. Ingredients used Eclairs: 100 g margarine 125 g flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 125 ml water Chocolate cream: 1. Read on. Do you feel like going out? Choose your city below! We will recommend the coolest places

The greatest Christmas cake recipes from Banat

Cake recipes. 3,582 views · 1 discusses this. This page is dedicated to people who love to work miracles in the kitchen, to make .. Blog Of Simple And Delicious Recipes. Terms & Conditions. Cakes. Gingerbread With Lime Tea. Smart Vanilla Cake. Czech cake. Be aware! Subscribe to the newsletter! Romanian recipes. Gingerbread With Lime Tea. Pickled Cabbage Food with Bacon and Cream

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Preparate de retete culinare rapide si usoare: de la preparate din carne de pui, porc, vita sau peste, mancaruri din legume pana la retete de prajituri si bauturi. Retete culinare romanesti de post le gasiti aici Am fost placut surprinsa sa vad si miere la acest targ, nu doar ciocolata si prajituri. Aveam si o varianta mai sanatoasa de dulce. Traditionale raman insa dulciurile noastre romanesti, de casa si cu foarte multe straturi si forme. Din pacate nu se inghesuia asa multa lume acolo, cel putin cand am fost eu

Prajiturele Noire - Rețete

Arata foarte frumos! Congratulations!

Absolut senzationala prajitura!

Superbe imagini,retete foarte bune,prezentate impecabil. un blog care încînta pupila atît cît si papila!

multumesc foarte mult. imi plac ca retetele sa fie gustoasa dar sa iti incante si privirea.

Cat e de fina si apetisanta. Sunt impresionata maxim ! :) O zi minunata ca aceasta prajiturica .

Multumesc Antonina, pentru toate aprecierile, esti o draguta. Zile foarte bune si tie.

Alice, chiar te rog sa incerci reteta.

Multumesc Adela, pentru apreciere.

fotografiile sunt absolut fabuloase! Musai sa incerc reteta. Ce ma bucur ca te-am gasit!

Multumesc Andreea. Ma bucur ca iti plac fotografiile. Dupa cum vezi, retetele sunt usor de facut dar de mare efect. Merita sa le incerci.

Multumesc frumos Mandala. Ma bucur ca iti place.

Doamne, cine ma pune sa intru pe asemenea bloguri. Sigur sunt toate mancarurile home made? Sau aveti o cofetarie la colt si din cand in cand faceti cate o vizita si cate o poza. Superbe toate minunatiile astea. Felicitari din suflet, doamna Licuta! Foarte fain tot!

Multumesc Diana. As vrea sa am in apropiere o cofetarie in care sa gasesc asa prajiturele dar din pacate nu am. si incerc sa inlocuiesc cofetaria mult visata cu multa straduinta si placere in acelasi timp. Many kisses. si te mai astept.

ati folosit o tava mica de chec adica de mini chec?nu una pentru dimensiunea unui cozonac obisnuit?

Da Raluka, am folosit o tava mica de chec, capacitate cam 500 gr. E prea mare cea de cozonac!

Imi place tare mult prajitura aceasta! Si atat de frumos arata!

Doamne ce bine arata ,gata o voi incerca si eu cat de curand.Am retinut reteta.

Multumesc frumos, Timea. Kiss!

Multumesc frumos, Mirela. Pup si multam inca o data pentru vizita!

buna seara, am o intrebare. nu am biscuiti cu cacao, doar normali su pepite de ciocolata , pot sa pun asa? sau biscuiti digestivi sau speculos? thank you

Anonim, daca biscuitii "pepite" sunt simpli (fara crema sau glazura) ii poti folosi fara nici o problema.
Oricum poti folosi orice fel de biscuiti doresti, dar daca prajitura e numita "neagra", atunci neagra sa fie:)
O seara minunata sa ai!

Draga mea ,intra aici

Ordinarii astia mi-au furat 12 retete culinare ,ma lupt cu ei de 2 saptamani sa le stearga,de-abia au sters jumatate din ele !
I-am reclamat si eu ,si Petitchef-ul ,si alte colege.
Tot site-ul asta este facut doar din plagiat !

Ouale se bat cu apa fierbinte si zaharul . Se adauga faina , amidonul si praful de copt , amestecate inainte . Se tapeteaza o forma dreptunghiulara cu hartie de copt si se toarna compozitia . Se da la cuptor 25-30 minute, la 180 grade.

Din apa si zahar se face un sirop care se lasa la racit , apoi in el se adauga esenta de rom . Cu acest sirop se insiropeaza blatul .

Galbenusurile se freaca ca 6 linguri de zahar , apoi se bat pe baie de aburi pana se ingroasa . Se lasa la racit . Albusurile se bat spuma tare cu 3 linguri de zahar pudra , la fel si frisca . Se vor amesteca galbenusurile reci cu albusurile batute si cu frisca . Compozitia se imparte in 2 boluri . Se dau la rece . Visinelor li se scot samburii , apoi se fac piure si se pun pe foc . Se fierb 3 minute, apoi se lasa la racit . La fel se procedeaza si cu piersicile . Gelatina se hidrateaza , apoi se imparte in 2 si se pune in piureurile de fructe racite . Acestea , la randul lor , se vor amesteca in compozitia de galbenusuri .

Ciocolata se topeste pe baie de aburi si se toarna peste prajitura .

Blatul se insiropeaza , apoi , cu un pos se pune crema , alternand , o fasie de visine , una de piersici . Deasupra se toarna glazura , iar peste ea se decoreaza fulgi de ciocolata sau cu fructe .

Prajitura Noire este o prajitura delicioasa de ciocolata pentru care veti avea nevoie de bicuiti cu cacao, frisca, ciocolata amaruie, lapte si fulgi de cocos.

Si apai acum, dragilor, na! sa va povestesc cum am facut prajitura Noire. Era o zi cu nu prea mult soare, putintica racoare deci. Miruna dormea, sotul baiguia ceva prin casa. neinteresant cred :P, iar cainele meu, dragutul de Ozzy sforaia intr-un colt de fotoliu. Aaaa, dar nu asta va inteles.

So. Am luat biscutii de cacao si i-am sfaramat, obtinind o pudra de biscuitei. Daca aveti robot folositi-l cu inceredere, dar daca nu aveti sau e stricat ca al meu (ai auzit R. . e stricat!) puneti biscuitii intr-o punga si treceti de cateva ori cu sucitorul peste ei. Rezultatul e identic. Asa pudra de biscuitei obtinuta o amestecati cu 75 gr unt topit putin. Amestecati bine si puneti totul intr-o tava de chec tapetata cu folie pentru alimente. Dati apoi la rece si asteptati.

Ciocolata am topit-o impreuna cu 50 ml frisca lichida. Restul de frisca, adica celelalte 200 ml le-am mixat bine de tot. Gelatina am pus-o la inmuiat in putina apa rece, cat sa devina spongioasa, dupa care am topit-o pe baie de aburi si am adaugat-o in ciocolata impreuna cu 2 linguri de coniac. Crema de ciocolata am amestecat-o cu restul de 75 gr unt si, la urma, cu frisca bine mixata. Am pus un strat serios peste amestecul de biscuiti si am predat totul frigiderului pana a doua zi. Timpul de asteptare e mare si e foarte greu. Va marturisesc ca dupa 5 ore, deja am taiat o bucatica, e drept ca foarte mica :P. Dar nu puteam sa pun geana pe geana stiind ce abandonasem la rece :)).

A doua zi, de dimineata am topit 50 gr ciocolata cu 50 ml lapte, am turnat-o asa fierbintica peste prajitura, am aruncat niste fulgi de cocos. am mai lasat-o putin la racorit. Vai!! e grea tare asteptarea asta. nu mai are rost sa va explic eu senzatia de cioco-dulce-minunatie de prajitura Noire. O stiti cu totii, nu?

Mancam, bem dar si potrivim!

Cand ma gandesc la potrivirea mancarii cu ceea ce bem la masa, primul

exemplu care imi vine in minte este cacaoa fierbinte si felia de paine

cu unt servite in copilarie, in casa bunicilor. Sau ceaiul de menta

combinat cu prajiturele si fursecuri, intr-o dupa-masa de toamna

tarzie. Mancarea si bautura sunt facute in asa fel incat sa se

potriveasca, sa se completeze si sa isi intensifice una alteia

Cand este vorba de bauturi alcoolice, vinul si

berea sunt cel mai des "asortate" cu mancaruri nu trebuie sa fii un

maestru sommelier ca sa stii cum sa potrivesti un vin bun langa o

mancare la fel de buna. Sau ce bere sa consumi langa pizza sau chiar

Vinul si mancarea au mers "mana in mana" de foarte mult timp ambele

sunt o combinatie perfecta de arome si savoare. Vinul nu numai ca ofera

un anumit aer de festivitate mesei, dar reprezinta, in acelasi timp, un

adevarat digestiv pentru ceea ce consumi. Ideea de baza este sa mananci

si sa bei ceea ce iti face placere exista insa un set de reguli pentru

cei pretentiosi si sofisticati. In primul rand, alegerea unui vin

regional este esentiala. Nimic nu merge mai bine cu niste paste

italienesti decat un vin italian din regiunea respectiva. In celelalte

situatii, vinurile pot fi potrivite cu mancarea, astfel:

*Merlot: miel, porc, ton, sosuri italiene pe baza de carne

*Pinot Noir: sunca, curcan, rata

Sauvignon: gratar, coaste prajite, peste la gratar

*Chardonnay: paste cremoase, mancaruri pe baza de pui, risotto

*Pinot Grigio: piept de pui, creveti, sosuri albe usoare

*Sauvignon Blanc: sunca, peste, scoici

*Vinuri spumante: sunca, sushi, fructe

Vinul si branza sunt una din cele mai fericite combinatii pe care le

poti face vreodata insa nu orice tip de vin se potriveste cu orice fel

de branza. Branza alba, proaspata trebuie servita cu un vin dulce

branza bogata in consistenta, moale merge cu un vin alb intens sau un

rosu usor. Branza de consistenta tare, inchisa la culoare se potriveste

cel mai bine cu un vin bogat in aroma.

Berea este si ea o alegere populara a consumatorilor de bauturi

alcoolice. Poate chiar mai populara decat vinul. In ceea ce priveste

tipurile de bere, berea de tip "ale" poate fi comparata cu un vin rosu,

in timp ce berea de tip "lager" e similara unui vin alb. Mai simplu,


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