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SodaStream Offers to Replace Discontinued Keurig Kolds for Free

SodaStream Offers to Replace Discontinued Keurig Kolds for Free

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Keurig discontinued its at-home soda-making machines, so SodaStream is stepping up

Keurig has discontinued its Kold soda maker, but SodaStream has offered to replace them with its own machines for free.

Keurig Green Mountain announced this week that it would be discontinuing its Keurig Kold model of at-home soda machine after less than a year on the market. SodaStream is still making its soda machines, though, and that company just announced that it would be giving free SodaStream machines to people in possession of now-useless Keurig Kolds.

Keurig Kold machines are useless without the pods that go inside them, which Keurig will no longer be making, so people who bought the $370 Kolds will soon have some very heavy, expensive paperweights. Keurig is offering refunds to people who bought the machines, and now according to Engadget, SodaStream is offering free versions of its machines.

SodaStream announced that it will give a free SodaStream Fountain Jet model of its sparkling water machine to people who send the company their name, address, and a photo of themselves with their now-defunct Keurig Kold, along with the machine’s serial number.

The offer will only be going on as long as supplies of the free Fountain Jets last.

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