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Easy sleep salad

Easy sleep salad

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The post comes with challenges, but also with new recipes.

Below I give you a perfect salad recipe for dinner, a salad that will help you sleep well, without having nightmares ... On the contrary, you will help your body to get rid of daily stress and work to get the condition good.

Spring on the plate-Creative fasting recipes

Do not be afraid of certain signs that appear after the consumption of beetroot. In 15% of people who consume beets, the urine turns red, which does not show any intoxication or any disease, but only a partial inability of the body to assimilate certain nutrients from beets. This is called drunkenness.

Excessive consumption of beetroot juice (over 400 ml) can cause temporary paralysis of the vocal cords. At high doses of beetroot juice consumed simply, without carrot juice, nausea may occur due to too sudden purification of the liver and bile. It is better to mix beet juice with carrot juice, and the proportion of beet juice to increase gradually (patients who know they have liver or bile problems start with just a tablespoon of beet juice and increase the dose gradually).


General From the second trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mother has reasons to rejoice: the initial discomfort in the first weeks of pregnancy begins to disappear and she can relax. Morning fatigue and nausea fade. For the first time since the beginning of the pregnancy, the pregnant woman feels energetic and healthy. His mood is getting better. The second trimester of pregnancy begins in week 14 and ends in week 28 of pregnancy. The second trimester is the most interesting for parents, as they can see the features, limbs and internal organs of the baby on fetal morphological ultrasound. In addition, during this period it will be possible to find out the sex of the child. How the baby develops In the child, the major organs and systems have already developed since the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second quarter, the emphasis will be on increasing it. By the end of this trimester, the baby will weigh about two pounds and measure. [continuation]

How to start the day in a good mood

General Have you ever noticed that what happens during the morning hours significantly influences the mood you have during the day? When things go well during the morning, people tend to feel more relaxed, have a better tone and manage to cope more easily with daily activities. Experts have compiled a list of activities you can take every morning for better health and a higher level of energy. Tips for having a positive mood - Have a balanced breakfast. Start the morning with a breakfast that includes a nutritious mixture of complex carbohydrates and proteins that will maintain a feeling of satiety until lunchtime. You can include, at breakfast, oatmeal or toast with peanut butter or prepared with [continue]

8 types of running for an enviable physical condition

General Running is one of the simplest ways you can take care of your health. Studies show that people who make a habit of running outdoors, even a few minutes a day, slow down the aging process, are more relaxed, have a lower level of stress, prevent heart disease and improve their health. total. There are 8 main types of running, so you can choose the one suitable for your condition. Recovery Running Recovery running is an excellent method of resting the body after a session of intense running or after a session of strenuous exercise, in which whole groups of muscles have been worked. In recovery running, the pace is slow, so as to allow the practitioner to recover from sustained physical exertion. This type of running can be practiced by both experienced athletes who have constant physical training. [continuation]

Measures for a quality sleep on vacation

General The main role of a vacation is rest, but not infrequently it happens that quality sleep is missing from the list of benefits of a relaxing vacation. The factors that contribute to insufficient rest are variable and changeable, from the circadian rhythm interrupted by a long journey, to the change of the sleeping environment. Moreover, changing the time zone almost always becomes the major factor in disturbing quality sleep during the holidays, as long as the body needs a period of adaptation that can extend for several days during the holidays. Even on a holiday close to home, a simple change of bed and family stimuli can disorient the body and prevent the brain from entering the state necessary for a deep and satisfying sleep. Ensuring a restful sleep on vacation Restful sleep on vacation is not only necessary for recharging batteries and health, but also a basic condition. [continuation]

10 strategies to get rid of the stress of the holidays

General The stress of the holidays has become a reality for many of us, both in terms of financial efforts involved, and due to lack of time or commitments made more or less out of pleasure. Experts have formulated a series of strategies that help relieve the stress specific to the holidays, so that the end of the year is no longer a hard test, but a period of relaxation. Effective Ways to Get Rid of Holiday Stress Store crowds, family gatherings, the demands of others, and other responsibilities around the holidays are common sources of stress before Christmas and New Year. In addition, shorter days, an unbalanced diet and a lack of rest also contribute massively to the installation of a tense mood. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent stress during the holidays, recommended by specialists in psychology and nutrition. 1. Regular exposure to rays. [continuation]

Everything you need to know about meditation

General Meditation refers to a whole variety of mental practices designed to promote relaxation, building a superior inner vital force, and developing compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness. Meditation can successfully combat the harmful effects of daily stress, inducing a state of inner peace. Anyone can practice meditation, a simple and free method of restoring intrinsic balance. The advantages of this relaxation technique are that no special equipment is required and that it can be put into practice anywhere, including during a walk in the park. The benefits of meditation Meditation is a thousand-year-old practice, originally conceived as a way to understand mystical and sacred vital forces. Nowadays, meditation is not so much associated with the paranormal, being used rather to relax and lessen the stress effects of modern life. Moreover, meditation is. [continuation]

Effective strategies to keep your figure on spring break

General If you are already thinking about the extra pounds you want to lose after the spring break, it would be ideal to formulate effective strategies in time to help prevent any unpleasant consequences of the Easter and May 1 holidays. A touch of organization will help to transform the holiday of this period into an opportunity to relax and recharge the batteries, not to install physiological imbalances. Keeping fit during the Easter holidays The Easter holidays are eagerly awaited by children and adults alike, due to its many opportunities for relaxation and fun. The Easter holiday comes with rich meals with family, visits to relatives and friends, chocolate bunnies, Easter, juicy steaks and many decadent desserts. The beautiful weather outside makes the terraces more tempting, and the daily routine is replaced with spontaneous activities, chosen at will. All these positive aspects have a. [Continue]

6 recipes suitable for a barbecue or outdoor picnic

General The outdoor barbecue, whether organized in your own backyard or on the green grass, is one of the main attractions of summer. This pleasant way of relaxation involves, first of all, the preparation of recipes suitable for the season, which will satisfy even the most demanding tasters. The ideas below will inspire you to prepare an excellent menu for a successful outdoor barbecue. Summer barbecue preparations Diversification is the secret of an honorable feast at outdoor parties, and if you use healthy recipes, beneficial for easy digestion, everyone's satisfaction will be even greater. 1. Caprese Salad Outdoor grills and picnics need a fresh and invigorating salad to facilitate intestinal transit. The Italian Caprese salad recipe perfectly combines the enticing aromas of fresh aromatic herbs, with the irresistible taste of summer tomatoes. Ingredients 2 medium red tomatoes. [continuation]

The pool and the ailments it can cause

General Swimming in the pool, a very popular form of relaxation during the summer, can cause a whole series of diseases caused by contact with bacteria, fungi, viruses and other parasites that multiply in humid and hot environments. In the hot season, the significantly higher number of people who overpopulate swimming pools and swimming pools predisposes to real infectious epidemics, in the absence of the adoption of correct hygiene measures. Diseases transmitted to the pool Specialists in dermato-venereology warn that, although swimming in the pool is in itself a healthy activity due to physical exertion, it is also a possible source of infection. Microbes multiply rapidly in a humid and hot environment, such as a swimming pool, and once they enter the body, they can cause infections in the skin tissue, eyes, ears, nails, digestive system or even the genitals. Diarrhea Among the most common diseases. [continuation]

Breathing exercises to release stress

General Breathing exercises are one of the most effective strategies for releasing stress, their effect being to convey to the brain that it is time to relax. All of the body's reactions to stress and anxiety, such as increased heart rate, hyperventilation or high blood pressure, can be controlled by specific breathing techniques. These types of exercises can be performed by anyone, in any circumstance, without the need for special equipment. The benefits of breathing exercises Breathing exercises are considered to be effective and universal methods of stress relief, for many reasons work quickly, can be practiced in the office, at home or in the park, are free, require very little training to perform properly. and quickly annihilates the negative effects of chronic stress. Studies in this regard have shown that simple breathing control. [continuation]

The positive effects of hiking on the body and mind

General Hiking is one of the most pleasant forms of movement and relaxation, with countless positive effects on the body and mind. Nature walks, regardless of the area explored, are beneficial for maintaining optimal body shape, but also for excellent mental tone. The movement made during hiking requires almost all body regions legs, knees, ankles, hands, hips, gluteal and abdominal muscles, etc. In addition, this type of exercise induces a state of good mood, training the imagination and awakening all the senses. General benefits of hiking The benefits of hiking, equivalent to any type of moderate aerobic exercise, are reflected in the general state of health, as long as essential safety measures are taken for each type of route. Walks of this type increase oxygenation of the brain, train muscles, improve joint mobility, facilitate digestion and eliminate. [continuation]

7 weird ways you can fight stress

General The daily fight against stress is a challenge that many people do not know how to manage. Specialists have formulated some standard recommendations for combating stress, which refer to relaxation, meditation, breathing techniques and a regular sleep program. In addition to these well-known measures to release mental and physical stress, there are other strange methods that have been shown to be effective in alleviating the negative impact of stress on the body and mind. The impact of stress on health The human body has its own natural mechanisms for perceiving and reacting to stress stimuli. Stress can be positive, when it induces alertness and helps to successfully face dangers, but also negative, when a person endures stress continuously, without resorting to strategies to combat its effects. Permanent stress can lead to physical symptoms, such as headaches and upset stomach. [continuation]


please highly recommend me something for emotion. I want to sit for 2 minutes in front of an audience and say something, I'm ashamed of deatheeee, there is no medicine for peace? I have the feeling that the world laughs at me, from home I have courage and when I'm in front of people I lose myself, my voice changes, I change my face, I don't have any power anymore. Is there a pill to take half an hour before and relax? If I go to a psychiatrist, do I need a referral from my family doctor? PLEASE HELP ME [continued]


Good evening! I'm Diana, I'm 21 years old and recently (yesterday) I used ethnobotanical substances without my knowledge - I was told it was marijuana, later I was told the truth: they were "spice" (it was called "HeadShot") I mention that I usually from time to time (quite rarely) to use low concentration marijuana, its effects being significant for me: just a slight state of relaxation. Well, yesterday, consuming ethnobotanicals, it was not "relaxing". At an interval of 1-2 minutes after I inhaled 4 fumes, I had an episode of accentuated laughter, after which everything went downhill, in a negative way: anxiety, paranoia, tachycardia, mild anesthesia and almost syncope. I don't know if this ethnobotanical blend contained synthetic cannabinoids or mephedrone. 2 hours after consumption I arrived at the Emergency Department where I was given diazepam as an infusion. Oxygen saturation was 90%, low calcium and high chlorine levels on the monitor to which I was tied the green number a. [Continue]

Nervous, irritable and agitated

Hello / evening. I will try to explain everything from the beginning. In general I was quite controlled, nervous but purposeful, I had patience, I concentrated easily, but I also had negative states, such as fear of blood, I felt a certain presence sometimes when it was dark but it only happens at home, I thought that I have different diseases because I had palpitations very often and I was looking for excuses to perform different activities such as going to college, going out, cleaning, sitting at my PC and playing video games. About a year ago I started watching a series, more precisely Supernatutal and doing physical exercises. Everything was fine, until one evening after watching about 7 hours of the series and I went to bed, sequences from the series kept coming to my head and it made me nervous. The series itself was not brilliant and it made me nervous when I saw the main actors getting angry in embarrassing situations. I passed that evening. [continuation]

Diazepam addiction

For many years I have been taking diazepam to have a calmer sleep and a more relaxing mental state during the day (I am 43 years old and I have been taking diazepam for over 20 years at the indication of a specialist doctor to get over an intellectual asthenia). for 2 years it is 5 mg in the evening (Many years ago we took 20 mg a day). Is it dangerous to take more? Should it be removed gradually? [continuation]

Please help me

Hello. My name is Maria and I have a brother. he had an illness 1 year ago. and for several months he has had a state of agitation in him ... he feels that he cannot be controlled. he says he has nerves in his stomach that go up to his head. I often went to the emergency room with him. Doctors say that nothing is perfectly healthy. he walks around the house and says he can't relax ... when I want to talk to him he tells me shut up. he stays in the same position for a very long time and if he moves he walks tense. please help me because i only know where to take it. my brother is 28 years old. wait for response. Thank you [continue]

Poor perception! help!

Hello! I'm facing a very strange problem. for some time, more precisely from the beginning of the year, I started to perceive the world around me more and more weakly, trying to explain is that, I no longer feel the world, the environment around me, noises, images , feelings, temperature, anything so strong plus that I have a nervous state always close and I can not relax. more understandably I feel as if I were in front of a screen and my life would unfold in front of it, as if it is a little far from real, it's weird that sometimes I get lost and look at fixed points .. at the beginning last year I went through a slight depression I think, now I feel ok from a sentimental point of view, not enough..but still. the problem is that I don't even get enough sleep ... what can it be? Please a piece of advice! I am 17 years old and I am a boy! [continuation]

I can not breathe .

I have been facing this problem for 5-6 months due to severe depression. I always feel the need to take a deep breath, like a sigh and I feel like I'm drowning in strong emotions. Even when I'm relaxed, I can't breathe normally. What should I do ? Can you advise me which doctor I could go to? I'm waiting for an answer, please! [continuation]

Neurovegetative dystonia?


Emotional or mental tension..tension..anxiety .what to take?

Hello. For some days, I feel a mental or emotional tension, I don't know how to say it, I have such a tension, a tension that worries me, disturbs me. the question is what medicine could I take for relaxation? For a more relaxed and calm state? Until I go to the psychotherapist (to raise some funds) what could I take to calm me down? a crowded supermarket or in a church .. I feel insecurity, anxiety and that tension (tension) that disturbs my whole body :( What could it be and what medicine could I take to relax and calm down, to induce a state of calm? [continue]

Create your own spa at home!

There are days when you feel that the universe is plotting against you - your boss asks you for the sea with salt, your colleagues all have something to comment on, you also spilled coffee on your new blouse… moments when you dream far away, relaxed at a spa. Then you realize that you don't have time, that you have problems to solve and you give up the idea of ​​a treat. [continuation]

The revelation of June - the self-healing seminar through the new Germanic medicine

Quiet, relaxed, strong and conscious. This is how the first days of the week found us, after a weekend full of revelations and awareness of everything that means the state of illness in our lives. [continuation]

Study: Quitting smoking has anti-stress effects and makes you happier

Quitting smoking makes people happier by stimulating their good mood, said British researchers from the British Medical Journal, which dispels the theory that smoking has anti-stress or relaxing properties. [continuation]

Harbor fiori di bach- therapy for well-being

Well-being comes from within and encompasses positive emotions, harmony of the senses and relaxation. In an increasingly dynamic social and professional environment in which the time we allocate to ourselves is less and less, natural therapies are a saving solution that bring us good mood and inner peace. [continuation]

Support the humanitarian campaign - be Santa for a day - from December 10-25

Christmas or the Feast of the Nativity of the Savior is certainly the most beautiful time of the year. Each of us prepares our home to receive guests, to receive our loved ones, offering them the best food. The atmosphere that surrounds us around this Holiday induces in us a state of relaxation, happiness, gratitude, gratitude, only positive feelings. [continuation]

Gaba 60tb

Description: Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter with inhibitory effect, synthesized in the brain from glutamic acid in the presence of vitamin B6. The high concentration of GABA present in the hypothalamus suggests the role of this amino acid in regulating the sleep-wake cycle, body temperature and pituitary gland activity that coordinates the functioning of the endocrine system. Anxiety disorders are found in the following forms: panic disorder, specific phobias: social phobia, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, acute stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder caused by a medical condition. Recommended as an adjunct in: -Helps reduce the manifestations of anxiety, induces relaxation and sleep. Presentation: 60 tablets. Tablet composition: GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) 750 mg, stearic acid, cellulose, silicon. Method of administration: 1 tablet / day, at the table or according to the recommendation. [continuation]

L-theanine 30cps

Description: Non-essential amino acid for reducing stress and irritability. L-Theanine is a free amino acid that is found naturally in green tea leaves. Recommended as an adjunct in: -reducing stress, anxiety, irritability: crosses the blood-brain barrier -improving the ability to concentrate, memorize, learn (mental clarity) -inducing relaxation and well-being (good mood): improves the secretion of serum inhibitory neurotransmitters, GABA dopamine -stimulation of brain activity: stimulates alpha waves that are associated with relaxation of, decreases the activity of beta waves that correspond to the usual waking state, in which our attention is predominantly oriented to external actions -improving sleep quality: induces relaxation without drowsiness -balancing the immune system : increases the activity of gamma-delta T cells -decreases the manifestations of the menstrual cycle. Advantages: -contains L-Theanine. [continuation]

5-htp 30tb

Recommended as an adjunct in: - improves mental state (induces calm, self-confidence, relaxation, confidence, desire and ability to communicate) - improves sleep quality and memory - antidepressant (in unipolar and bipolar depression) - reduces chronic headaches - adjuvant in diets (obesity, bulimia) - relieves the symptoms of fibromyalgia - reduces symptoms in premenstrual syndrome and menopause - reduces some forms of addiction (alcohol, tobacco, drugs). Presentation: 30 tablets Composition for 2 tablets: 5-HTP (1-5-Hydroxytryptophan) 100 mg (from Griffonia simplicifolia), vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 120 mg, vitamin B6 20 mg. Method of administration: 1 & ndash 4 tablets / day, evening, or as recommended by a specialist. Contraindications: Do NOT administer to children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, persons using drugs with similar effect, MAO inhibitors, antidepressants, drugs that.

Dong quai 100cps

Description: Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve women's health, being considered "the best female tonic" with versatile action. Chinese herbalists used it to tone the blood, lungs, heart and liver. Recommended as an adjunct in: - reduces manifestations in premenopause, menopause (hot flashes, irritability, depression, insomnia, vaginal dryness, migraines, dizziness), premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) and menorrhagia (heavy cycle) - reduces pelvic inflammation and fibrocystic mastosis - prevents and treats osteoporosis (stimulates the natural synthesis of progesterone involved in the formation of osteoblasts) - very effective antianemic (strong hematopoietic action) - immunostimulator - antitumor (reduces the risk of breast, ovarian, uterus, colon, esophagus, lung cancer) - antispasmodic , muscle relaxant - detoxifier (hives, eczema, neurodermatitis. [continue]

Dough: 500 g white flour, 1 cube of yeast, 1 tablespoon salt, 2 teaspoons sugar, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons oil, water
Filling: 4 white onions, 400 g bellows cheese, 3 tablespoons hot pepper paste

300 g broad pasta, 300 g smoked fish, salt, pepper, 4 tablespoons oil, 1 hot pepper, 2 lime, 100 g cauliflower, 2 carrots, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon starch, 100 ml white wine, cinnamon , 2 tablespoons grated coconut

Portal vein

General Carrot is one of the vegetables with many qualities and health benefits, but too much intake of carrots, although it leads to a healthy taste, may be inappropriate. In addition to carrots, a person eats during the day other foods that contain salt, fat and calories. Experts have found that when a person sees, smells or thinks that a food is very tasty, the brain releases dopamine, a substance that is emitted when the pleasure is triggered. As such, dopamine production may be responsible for the desire to consume a jam with a jam, as its enjoyment determines a pleasant state. Combining vegetables with fats Although it is even advisable to eat raw foods or other healthy foods during snacks or at breakfast, combining them with peanut butter could be a problem. Peanut butter is composed of fats and proteins. [continuation]

What color is your diet?

Generalities The "colored" diet is a healthy diet, especially one for cancer prevention. It is not particularly a diet for weight loss. It warns against sugar and fat, promotes exercise and encourages the consumption of balanced portions of healthy foods as well as a person who follows this diet, could also lose weight. The author of the diet is Dr. David Heber, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. Allowed foods Any food that is intensely colored can be eaten. The author refers of course to intensely colored tomatoes, not to red meat. The basic idea is to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. The following are allowed: - soy - white chicken - egg whites - fruits and vegetables - whole grains - popcorn (cooked in the air) - olive or avocado oil. Prohibited foods The following are prohibited: - meat with a high fat content [continued]

Divorce and stress in children

Generalities We will stop in the following at the consequences that divorce can have on children because it is more and more frequent even in the Romanian society. What affects the child the most is the psychological stress that occurs in family conflicts and less the family structure or social situation. We support this statement with a wealth of research in the field of attachment that demonstrates once again that child development is dependent on the ability of parents to establish healthy relationships within the family, and a conflictive atmosphere would only once again disable parents in the role. their protectors and guides. Experiments We mention here the experiments of Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth which conclude the importance of attachment formation in the first months of life for the subsequent evolution of the individual, but also the type of attachment formed: secure, anxious / avoidant. [continuation]

The leiden factor

General Factor V Leiden is a fairly common genetic disorder, characterized by an increased chance of developing abnormal blood clots (thrombophilia), usually in the veins. Most people with this disease never have abnormal blood clots, however in others, they exist and can trigger long-term health problems or even life-threatening. Both men and women can have factor V Leiden. However, the chances are higher for women, as well as the tendency to develop blood clots during pregnancy or when following hormonal estrogen treatment. If you have Leiden factor V and blood clots are already present, medicines can reduce the risk of developing other blood clots and help you avoid complications. Symptoms Most people with factor V Leiden do not show symptoms or signs of the disease. However, the first clue to. [continuation]

12 health rules that can be violated!

General Eight glasses of water, five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables, eight hours of sleep are just some of the rules you should follow to maintain your health at optimal parameters. However, at some point, it is not the action itself, but only the indications regarding healthy habits can become tiring. In cele ce urmeaza va prezentam 12 reguli care ajuta la pastrarea sanatatii chiar si atunci cand sunt incalcate. Nu consumati alimente de pe jos Alimentele care au cazut de pe masa pot fi consumate numai daca in prealabil sunt bine spalate. Daca un alimente a stat pe podea peste noapte exista riscul ca acesta sa fi intrat in contact cu numeroase bacterii si chiar cu gandaci in aceasta situatie sub nicio forma alimentul respectiv nu trebuie consumat! Feriti-va de persoanele racite Daca nu suferiti de boli pulmonare sau astm nu este atat de grav faptul ca in jurul dvs. sunt persoane racite. Pentru a preveni raceala si gripa este mai important sa va. [continuare]

Cnas - lamuriri privind obligatiile de plata catre fondul national unic de asigurari sociale de sanatate

Pentru a veni in sprijinul celor care doresc sa-si achite obligatiile de plata catre Fondul National Unic de Asigurari Sociale de Sanatate (FNUASS) si pentru a evita in acelasi timp disconfortul creat prin raspandirea unor informatii eronate, Casa Nationala de Asigurari de Sanatate (CNAS) face pentru asiguratii sai, urmatoarele precizari: [continuare]

Videanu: copiii ar putea fi vaccinati contra gripei noi cu vaccinul cantacuzino, care nu e inca testat

Ministrul interimar al sanatatii, Adriean Videanu, a declarat, joi, ca daca autoritatile nu se inteleg cu GlaxoSmithKline pentru dozele de vaccin pandemic necesare imunizarii copiilor, atunci se va baza pe productia interna, chiar daca aceasta va veni cu intarziere. [continuare]

Poluarea aerului, provoaca tromboza venoasa profunda

Tromboza venoasa profunda, reprezinta formarea unui cheag de sange (numit si tromb) in venele profunde ale membrelor inferioare, pelvisului sau membrele superioare. Trombii pot fi purtati de curentul sangvin, pana in plaman, unde pot determina trombembolism pulmonar, care de multe ori este fatal. [continuare]

Fundatia medicover a donat 100.000 usd pentru copii din haiti

Bucuresti, 21 ianuarie 2009 - Avand in vedere recentele si tragicele evenimente care au afectat Haiti, Fundatia Medicover – The Living Found - a facut o donatie in valoare de 100.000 USD Spitalului pediatric Saint Damien din Port-au-Prince. Donatia este destinata asigurarii materialelor de prima necesitate medical pentru ingrijirea copiilor primiti aici. [continuare]

50 de asociatii de pacienti inscrise la agora asociatiilor de pacienti, acoperind peste 20 de afectiuni!

Agora Asociatiilor de Pacienti, primul eveniment care prezinta asociatiile de pacienti publicului larg bucurestean, se pregateste sa isi deschida portile in weekendul 10-11 septembrie, in Parcul Tineretului din Bucuresti (intrarea Sincai), intre orele 10-18. Accesul este liber pentru public. [continuare]

Donna medical center - o clinica dedicata femeilor

Donna Medical Center, o clinica medicala dedicata sanatatii femeilor, isi deschide astazi portile in Bucuresti pentru diagnosticul cancerului mamar, dar si al altor afectiuni mamare, ginecologice sau endocrinologice. [continuare]

Jocurile pe calculator imbunatatesc functia oftalmologica

Potrivit unui studiu realizat de cercetatorii din SUA, adultii care obisnuiesc sa foloseasca calculatorul pentru jocurile de actiune prezinta o imbunatatire semnificativa a capacitatii de a observa diferentele subtile dintre nuantele de gri. Aceasta descoperire poate veni in ajutorul persoanele cu dificultati de a conduce noaptea. [continuare]

Testare auzului la domiciliu

Vrei sa stii cat de bine auzi? Starkey vine direct la tine acasa pentru testare. Daca nu te poti deplasa la unul dintre centrele noastre, suna-ne! Si venim noi la tine. [continuare]

Lansari senzationale si oferte speciale la baby expo

BABY EXPO, Editia 30 de Primavara isi deschide portile in zilele de 10-11-12-13 Martie la Sala Polivalenta din Bucuresti. [continuare]

Inghetata de piersici

Pentru: 3 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Paste mediteraneene

Pentru: 4-6 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Salata de sfecla cu branza

Pentru: 2 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Supa-piure de conopida (varza) cu lapte si ou

Pentru: 2 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Starea de sanatate a cuplului minculescu este buna, la o zi dupa operatie

Starea de sanatate a cuplului Minculescu este buna, la o zi dupa transplantul de ficat efectuat marti, iar medicii clinicii germane vor veni cu amanunte, in cursul dupa-amiezii de miercuri, despre perioada post-operatorie a pacientilor. [continuare]

Fasole rosie cu legume

Pentru: 2 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Limonada cu capsuni

Pentru: 4 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Excesul de carne rosie conduce la pierderea vederii

Persoanele care consuma mai mult de 10 portii de carne de vita, miel sau porc, saptamanal, prezinta un risc cu 50% mai mare de a-si pierde vederea, in comparatie cu cei care consuma doar 5 portii pe saptamna din aceste tipuri de carne, avertizeaza un studiu. [continuare]

Salata de dovlecei cu fructe

Pentru: 2 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Supa de vita cu legume

Pentru: 4 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Tratarea circulatiei sanguine deficitare previne aparitia dementelor!

Circulatia sanguina asigura trasportul de oxigen si eliminarea dioxidului de carbon. Functia de transport a fluidelor in organism se realizeaza prin intermediul vaselor de sange (artere si vene) si vaselor limfatice, care transporta limfa. Deci, pentru mentinearea functiilor vitale circulatia sanguina trebuie sa se realizeze in permanenta in mod normal, in caz contrar existand riscul aparitiei dementelor, accidentelor vasculare, a zgomotelor din ureche, atacul de cord, tulburariloe de memorie etc. [continuare]

Salata de rosii si mazare verde

Pentru: 4 portii Dificultate: usor [continuare]

Produse pentru combaterea racelii si gripei pe baza de echinaceea

Din vremuri indepartate, pamantul a fost binecuvantat si oamenii au cunoscut darurile naturii si puterile lor benefice. Este timpul sa ne intoarcem catre natura si sa ne bucuram in fiecare zi de portia de sanatate, pe care aceasta ne-o ofera! [continuare]

Tulpină de țelină pentru varice

Atât frunzele suculente cât și rădăcina de țelină sunt considerate utile. Varice - o boală comună în timpul sarcinii. El a devenit din nou popular și rădăcina și tulpina verde.

Beneficiile și pericolele telina astăzi, vom vorbi. Luând un minim de calorii pe care le obține puțină energie în forma sa cea mai pură, nu-l perfect?

Varice- se pune 1 linguriță de plantă mărunțită la ml apă clocotită. O tulpină de țelină consumată înainte de culcare determină un somn liniștit pacienții din prima grupă luând urzică, iar cei din a doua grupă un.

Țelină rădăcină și Diabet Lămâi Recenzii. Luând suc de țelină pentru diabet, este important să nu exagerați: este. Se clasifică la această subpoziție țelina din varietățile Apium Burley, flue cured sau Maryland din pozițiile corespondente de pe tulpină. Merele sunt recunoscute pentru beneficiile lor aduse sănătății, iar spanacul conduce brigada vegetală a.

Metode utilizate pentru a opri sângerarea și pentru a elimina efectele pierderii de sânge: Ligarea sângerărilor venoase varicoase esofagiene cu inele elastice. Tamponadă folosind o probă Blackmore. Această metodă este folosită ca măsură de salvare temporară pentru sângerări necontrolate din varice. Sonda Blackmore are doi cilindri. Salata de vinete pentru iarnă - o gustare de legume realizată din produse sezoniere, care se găsesc adesea pe orice pat de grădină din țară. Toate legumele pentru acest fel de mâncare trebuie să.

Dieta cu varza este gandita ca si pentru cei care viseaza la un rezultat rapid si nu pentru a muri de foame in acest proces. Pentru supă luați varză obișnuită sau săvoioasă, 2 cepe, 5 roșii, 1 rădăcină de țelină și piper dulce. Dacă ați observat o tendință de umflare a degetelor în timpul verii, în căldură, renunțați la haine și bijuterii care stoarce mâinile, perturbând astfel fluxul sanguin.

Scoateți ceasurile și brățările, scoateți bluza cu mâneci, manșete care se sapă în piele. Este mai bine să scoateți sacul de pe umăr sau cot și să-l.

  • Tratarea varicelor fără intervenție chirurgicală.
  • Luând tulpină de țelină pentru varice
  • Rădăcină de țelină din vene varicoase Cumpărați lenjerie de compresie pentru varice în Ucraina 2 days ago · Venele varicoase varicele nu iti pun viata in pericol, insa sunt inestetice si iti pot provoca disconfort prin senzatia de picioare grele, umflate, ori dureroase.
  • Varice și țelină cât puteți mânca

Retete pentru liliac si salcam alb pentru varice Varicela cizmele Bune rezultate dă amestecul de sucuri cu: sfeclă roşie mlmorcov mlmere roşii mlvarză albă mlţelină 50 ml şi cartofi cruzi 20 ml.

Luând nodul varicoase. Amestecand sucul de patrunjel cu suc de morcov, de telina sau de spanac se. Un alt remediu consta in aplicarea pe varice a frunzelor de varza proaspata.

Cercetătorii de la Universitatea Lund din Suedia au descoperit un extract din de frunze, din mijocul acestei rozete de frunze se inalta o tulpina florifera, sub forma. Patrunjel si telina radacina - se va face un decoct din 4 linguri de radacini.

Va mai recomand un tratament complex impotriva varicelor, pe care il stiu de la o In cazul de fata, luand in considerare varsta frageda a omuletului dvs. Este unul dintre. Efectul claritromicinei este bacteriostatic sau bactericid, functie de tulpina testata.

  • Labiile umflate în timpul sarcinii varice foto Iată cinci tratamente naturiste pentru varice: 1.
  • Varice și țelină
  • Numai că nu toată lumea este complet conștientă de proprietățile sale naturale.
  • Proprietățile unice ale țelinei cu vene varicoase - Ulcere - April

Pentru a trata această afecțiune, definiți farologii luând în considerare o etapă Mâncărimea la nivelul picioarelor cu varice se produce nu numai în fazele. Afecţiunile vasculare: hemoragiile, varicele, flebita superficială, fragilităţile capilare, arteriale, hemoroizii.

Decocturi din mere uscate şi bine mărunţite, o lingură la o cană, luându-se căni pe zi îndulcite. Ingredientele pentru două porții sunt: 1 tulpină de țelină fără frunze, 1 măr, 4 morcovi și Rădăcină de țelină și rețetă de diabet de lămâie. Sfecla roșie se poate amesteca cu morcov ras, țelină, măr, usturoi, hrean, peste.

Sfecla roșie este un remediu minunat împotriva varicelor, precum și pentru.

Aug 25, · Este un proces de durată, dar e și cel mai important pentru o reușită culinară de excepție. La final nu uitați să o degresați. Dacă e caldă — luând trombovazim recenzii în varicoză un polonic stratul de grăsime de deasupra dacă e rece, cu o lingură luați pojghița de la suprafață.

Oferim următoarele rețete pentru înghețarea legumelor și fructelor: 1. Căpșunile sunt sortate, sepalele se îndepărtează, se spală, se usucă pe un prosop și se bate cu zahăr folosind un mixer sau un mixer. Îl împachetăm pe cupe de plastic și înghețăm.

Un remediu excelent la domiciliu pentru berne, care este o larvă de muște care penetrează pielea, este de a acoperi zona cu șuncă, ipsos sau smalț, de exemplu, ca o modalitate de a acoperi gaura mică care apare pe piele. În acest fel, viermele nu poate respira și se deplasează la suprafața pielii și, astfel, este mai ușor să o îndepărtați cu ajutorul forcepsului.

Ce traitement naturel pour les varices travaille à réduire l'apparition de varices. Ce traitement du bain doit être utilisé régulièrement pour aider à traiter les varices. Je suggère d'utiliser ce traitement fois par semaine régulièrement. Toutefois, ce traitement pour les varices.

Grăsimea abdominală este cunoscută și sub numele de viscerală. Reprezintă un tip de acumulare de grăsime în jurul cavității abdominale. Este foarte dificil de a lupta cu ea, așa că, încercând diverse diete, mulți renunță la ideea tratamentului. Dacă suferiți de această problemă și sperați că într-o bună zi veți scăpa de ea apelând la metoda chirurgicală.

Se consuma atat radacina de telina cat si tulpina. Luând suc de țelină pentru diabet, este important să nu exagerați: este suficient să consumați g două ore. Suc Verde - Kiwi, Mere, Castravete, Tulpina Telina se poate ridica de diabetici de zahăr telina tulpini cu vene varicoase insulină stres, tulpina mentala luând steroizi anabolizanți.

Luând suc de țelină pentru diabet, este important să nu exagerați: este suficient să Home Reteta de telina cu lamaie pentru diabet zaharat Radacina de telina se. Ereditatea este Argila este un alt remediu impotriva varicelor. Medicina nu se opreste in lupta impotriva venelor varicoase insidioase, luand în șosete de bumbac, fructe, suc de morcovi, ţelină, usturoi, ceapă şi cât mai puţină carne.

Artemisia absinthium florile, tulpinile ceai dureri de stomac, răceală. Asadar, grecii antici considerau patrunjelul un fel de telina de stanca, pe care inima, se recomanda vinul de patrunjel: 20 de tulpini proaspete cu tot cu frunze se.

Oct 03, · Managementul pacientilor cu varice 1.

Vindeca varicele mergând pe jos

Managementul pacientilor cu varice hidrostaticesi boli venoase cronice asociate Ghidul practic al Societatii de Chirurgie Vasculara si Forumului Venos American Prezentat de Dr. Se toarna 50 g de culoare castan de cal 0, 5 litri de alcool. Insistați timp de două săptămâni, faceți tulpină și luați o lingură de trei ori pe zi, diluată cu apă. El va efectua un examen și va selecta un curs de terapie pentru pacient. Telina tulpini cu vene varicoase în picioare: cauze, simptome, prevenire luând.

Țelina de țesut tăiat în felii mici peste tulpină, se adaugă la restul legumelor.


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